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Eva Gombas

Founder of Starge



Her trademark is her innovative approach that stems from her multi-disciplinary background in business, HR, social sciences and consulting.​

​Companies ask for Eva's to advice on developing their leadership resources.

Eva brings a deep expertise of executive search and leadership development to the talent management process. Her clients include numerous multinational organizations mainly from the domains of technology, consulting and consumer goods, and several SMEs from various businesses.

Due to her previous experience as Managing Partner CEE at a leading French executive search company, Eva brings a solid international experience and global outlook to the table.

Eva holds a degree from Corvinus University of Budapest and is currently a PhD candidate and guest lecturer at the Institute of Management Sciences.



I truly believe that success begins with a true balance of health in body, mind and spirit and optimism has a positive impact on our life-events.


I am personally committed to live a healthy lifestyle, I enjoy nature and outdoor activities and consider myself a creative thinker with a wide range of interests. In my spare time I am a mentor in a college for advanced studies, where I work with the leaders of the future and support them in their career dilemmas.


I enjoy to explore the hidden potential in people and help them find their paths. With a solid foundation and a good strategy, everything can be achieved.

There are many paths to reach a goal, and a well-assembled roadmap provides the skills needed for success.



I am a marketing and business leader who believes in the power of authentic leadership and “people first” approach. Besides building strong brands, creating profitable portfolio and managing business, my passion has always been developing self aware and passionate Leaders, creating motivated Teams and great performing Organizations. This has always made the strong impact on business and people’s life.

This mindset has been proven to me during my 20 years in leadership roles at 3 leading FMCG and consumer healthcare companies across 13 countries – Procter & Gamble, Danone and Sanofi.

On this journey I was perceived as change agent, a catalyst in transformations: inspirational with visionary thinking and broad context understanding, empowering with instinctive coaching style leadership and being a creator thru spreading high, creative energies to Teams, Individuals, Partners. These values I would like to bring into executive search and leadership consulting too.

Having people & leadership my passion, it is an honor to become part of Starge Team.  Eva’s iconic position and her enormous expertise in field of executive search and leadership development will open my wings even more. My marketing & business leader experience comes on top to spice and enrich Starge’s world.

I believe, with the diverse backgrounds, we can make even bigger impact together: on people, businesses and organizations to fulfill their purpose and perform.

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As a psychology candidate my goal is to bring psychological insights to our projects, fueled by my passion for understanding the intricate dynamics of the professional landscape. I am eager to learn and contribute to the success stories of the talents we are searching for. During these processes, I find it highly interesting to observe the unfolding of personalities.



From my personal perspective, mental health is a crucial factor both in the workplace and beyond. With creativity, passion, and introspection, we can achieve a more conscious and satisfactory life, that is essential for balance and fulfillment.

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Being a social person, I believe in the power of collaboration and effective communication. Music has always played a significant role in my life, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation. Honest and transparent dialogue is at the core of my values, and I firmly believe that open communication can often prevent conflicts and create a positive work environment

In the realm of executive search, where understanding the needs and aspirations of both clients and candidates is crucial, this commitment to clear and genuine communication becomes even more essential.

Personally, I think that accepting diverse perspectives and treating others with kindness is the key to creating a better world.



​In our days, an organization’s ability to create value and succeed depends on its leadership and talent pool more than ever before. Intuition is no longer enough to lead a company - organizations need a carefully crafted talent strategy and a strategic plan of current and future leadership agendas.

Built on many years of proven expertise, the deep understanding of labour market trends and future workplace needs, and employing the latest methodologies in executive search and leadership consulting, Starge aims to help companies and candidates to realize their growth potential.

Our approach is based on identifying strengths and improvement areas, succeeded by developing an agile and resilient approach, then finally co-creating change competencies. The result of our work is improved resilience and leadership capabilities on both on the level of the individual and the organization.



We are proud to be a member of Alliance Partnership International, a global association of highly experienced executive search and HR consultancy firms, bound by a common set of values, proven methodologies and a strict code of professional and ethical standards.


Through API we are able to assist our customers in more than 20 countries worlwide.

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