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Often it is not easy to realize whether it is time for a move. You may feel comfortable at your current workplace. But does this mean that you are leveraging all your potential and realising all your opportunities?

Commitment and loyalty are highly appreciated values. However, changing jobs can positively impact your life and career opportunities. A salary increase is an important but not the sole reason for a move.


Opening your horizons, broadening your skills can open future opportunities and increase your professional  and personal well-being, and of course, your market value.

Do you wonder what opportunities the world can offer you? Let’s connect and explore your career path with Starge. We are happy to hear from you.. 


Constant change is part of our life and we have to keep the pace.


How can you preserve and raise your marketability and competitiveness on the labour market? We offer you our unique agile solution where you benefit from working closely with a team of experts.


Benefits of our program:

  • Assessing your current position with regards to labour market expectations

  • Exploring your own potential and identifying blind spots and areas of improvement

  • Clarifying your goals and career vision

  • Strengthening your change capabilities

  • Preparation you for interviews and assessment panels

  • Consulting on how you can raise your labour market visibility

  • Developing your future thinker mindset

  • Building awareness of future trends impacting your industry and career

  • Building a future proof personal brand

  • Introducing you to the latest leadership literature, podcasts and topic-related content.

Our process:

  • We offer 6 individual sessions with our consultants

  • Session length is 90 minutes

  • Frequency is designed to your individual need

  • We are available for you via email and phone in between sessions

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