We believe that aligning culture and strategy increases company value, and there is a true leader behind each success story.


We help you to turn challenges into growth stories via our Leadership Resources -driven Strategy concept.


You might be facing some specific business challenges such as :

transformation & change

In a world where continuously advancing technologies transform businesses at a tremendous speed, you need leaders who are resilient, innovative and able to engage their teams and organization.


Are you involved in a digital transformation, upgrading your business model, implementing agile working principles or streamlining your operation?


We help you to ease the disruption caused by these changes by advising your leaders on organizational design and cultural aspects. 


By strengthening your leadership teams’ transformational agility, change and engagement competencies, they will be able to make a positive impact on the organization itself and guide and lead transformation in a smooth and effective way.

When you expand through acquisitions, you have to evaluate the most important asset of the company: their management team.


Our HR due diligence service provides you with essential information enabling you to de-risk the acquisition process by having an objective and market-benchmarked view on the management team.


During the integration process, culture may become the most important barrier to your success. We help you to discover and understand values, beliefs and habits of the entities that are to be merged.


Raising awareness of differences in your leadership team(s) helps them to cope with the legacy and build a healthy and sustainable joint culture.

Cracked Glacier
merger & acquisition & integration
Green Water
succession planning

Not having your succession planned can be risky for your enterprise.


Other than avoiding business risk, there are several benefits of a well-designed succession planning process.


This way you can engage and motivate your own talent pool, maintain long-term commitment for the people,  and build a positive employer brand.


We identify your mission critical roles, spot and assess your internal talents and propose development and career journeys.


Should you have a talent shortage in some areas, we build your external „talent pipes”.

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