Do you have an executive vacancy or consider exploring and assessing your internal talent pool? We support you with our bespoke talent solutions

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executive search

We help you to assess the current organizational and business context, advise you regarding labour market- related matters and devise your search strategy.


Once direction is set, we screen relevant labour market segments, approach and assess potential candidates and prepare the shortlist of the most relevant and motivated applicants.


We make sure communication flow is smooth during the whole process and help both our clients and candidates to find a mutually rewarding agreement.


Finding candidates with a suitable background and expertise is not where we end our job – cultural fit is essential to build a long- term cooperation between client and candidate as is a caring and well-designed onboarding process. 

An organization’s excellence relies on its leaders’ strengths – staying competitive also means assessing and developing your leaders.

Our well designed management assessment methodology enables you to choose the most suitable candidate for your opening and therefore reduces the risk and cost of failure.


Thanks to our process, you will be able to increase the success rate of your appointments, and by identifying potential improvement areas, the speed and efficiency of onboarding process will also be increased.


Through assessing your internal talent pool you will be able to spot your rising stars and accelerate their development. 

Our method is objective and unbiased.

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executive assessment
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market mapping & benchmarking

Are you uncertain about your current succession plans?


Our market mapping service will provide you with relevant and crucial insights on the targeted labour market segment. We help you to benchmark your team and practices against a broader market pool.


The benefits of our market intelligence report are:

  • Building your external talent pool

  • Fast track recruitment from the already identified talent base in case hiring need arises

  • Business intelligence function: gathering valuable market insights such as compensation benchmarks and other relevant market information

  • Saving recruitment costs and time

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